Crickets - Gryllus bimaculatus


I use crickets as the mainfood for all of my geckos. I always make sure to gutload my crickets for at least 24-48 hours before I feed them off to my geckos. Gutloading basically means that you feed your feeders with a lot of good and nutritious stuff that you want to pass on to your reptiles, before you give them to your reptiles. That way the crickets will be a lot better for the geckos to eat. I gutload my crickets with: Tropical Fish Flakes, carrots, apples, oranges and calcium & vitamin supplements. Other commonly used products are dry cat or dog food, potatoes and various fresh vegetables. Crickets are by far the most popular and commonly used feeder insect within this hobby.

Dubia Roaches - Blaptica dubia


Besides crickets I also use Blaptica dubia roaches to feed to my geckos. I do this because it's always good to provide your animals with an as varied diet as possible. Dubia roaches are the most common feeder roach in the hobby. I gutload my roaches with exactly the same stuff as written above for my crickets. They are easy to keep and breed and are a lot hardier than crickets.


I breed and raise all of my dubia roaches myself.

Grasshoppers - Locusta migratoria


Grasshoppers are also a very good complement to crickets and dubia roaches. They are easy to keep and doesn't cost much in food. I feed my grasshoppers with green grass from the garden several times a day and have a bowl of wheat bran aside in the terrarium. (Make sure that the grass hasn't been treated with any chemicals). I keep and breed grasshoppers every year from the spring through fall. This is mainly because it is harder to provide them with grass in the winter and the grass isn't as good during this time. I feed my grasshoppers to my geckos by using tongs. Otherwise if you have a naturalistic terrarium with real plants and throw in some grasshoppers, they will start eating the plants, if not eaten by the animals right away.