African Fat Tails - Hemitheconyx caudicinctus are one of my biggest breeding projects. My breeding stock consists of high quality animals from top breeders from all over Europe and USA. I believe that even when breeding different colour and pattern morphs, it is just as important to spread the bloodlines as much as possible, as with breeding other species to prevent inbreeding and produce strong and healthy animals.


I am currently working with the following projects/morphs:


White Out Amelanistic

White Out het Amelanistic

White Out Patternless

White Out het Patternless

Double Het Patternless, Amelanistic

Striped Patternless


Striped het Patternless

Banded het Patternless

Striped Amelanistic

Banded Amelanistic

Banded het Amelanistic

Normal Striped

Normal Banded

Breeder Males: (Click on the pictures for larger view)

Breeder Females COMING SOON!: (Click on the pictures for larger view)

African Fat Tail Geckos