About Me


How It All Started


I've always been surrounded by animals ever since I was born. My dad kept some green iguanas, skinks and a few different kinds of tortoises in a large terrarium in a room next to my bedroom.

I spent a lot of time looking at the animals and I really enjoyed to be around watching when my dad was feeding and caring for all of his animals. I have always been fascinated by animals in general, but it wasn't until I was about 8 years old that I really got hooked on reptiles. It all started when I got to own my first reptile, a Leopard gecko male that I got from a guy my dad new. Soon after that my dad bought me a female Leopard gecko to go with my male, that I picked out myself at a local pet-store. Soon I had four lizards and my bedroom was slowly started to turn into a small zoo.


Some years later, when my bedroom was completely full of terrariums and aquariums with animals , my parents decided to build a new room behind the garage were I could keep my animals. When the new room got finished I got a big interest for fishes (mostly cichlids) and started to breed different species of Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids in the room with good results. I mostly traded in the offsprings at fish shops for some new equipment I needed and new species of fish that I wanted to keep. I was breeding fishes for a couple of years until my interest in fishes declined and I realized that reptiles were much more fun, so I got rid of all the fishes and got some more reptiles instead.



Some Years Later...


My reptile collection has grown quite a lot over the past few years. Now I keep and breed over 15 different species of geckos, as well as a few other pet animals. This means that I am now taking care of over 70 animals. It's really time consuming, almost like a full time job, but very fun and I really love what I do. The animals that I keep is totally based on what I like and find to be interesting. At the moment my main focus is mostly on gecko species in the eyelash gecko family, such as Aeluroscalabotes, Goniurosaurus, Hemitheconyx as well as Aussie geckos like Nephrurus.


Besides caring for and maintaining the animals, I enjoy working with this website, visiting reptile shows, talking to people about reptiles, building cages, reading, watching and learning more about animals. I also like to listen to music (Rock, Hard Rock, Metal).




In The Future


I hope that I will be able to work and have success with many more interesting species of reptiles and exotic animals in the future. One day I hope that I can open my own reptile breeding center, were I can focus on breeding and working with various endangered animals. I want to be able to show people different kinds of reptiles and exotic animals in cages that mimics their natural environments as much as possible, so that people can get a better understanding of how important it is for these animals that we continue to care for their natural habitats.


I hope to be selling or trading my animals to other dedicated breeders/hobbyists who will help sustaining the species in captivity, so that future generations can be able to enjoy the animals as much as we do.